Simon Everington was born in the Gower, U.K. in 1967, the youngest child of the late Harry Everington, artist and teacher.

While working in his father`s workshop, he also studied at the studio of Masamichi Yoshikawa, ceramic artist, in Tokoname, Japan.

In 1990, he moved to Osaka, Japan and established his own workshop, concentrating on ceramic art.

He returned to the U.K. to attend the former Frink School of Figurative Sculpture where he was deeply inspired by the sculptor Alan Thornhill.

Since returning to Osaka, he continues to concentrate on figurative art: ceramic and mixed-media sculpture and paintings.

 Further appreciation to sculptor and fellow Frink student Jon Edgar and also Yozo Ukita, painter and friend.

1967 英国に生まれる

1983 Harry Everington(父、彫刻家)に師事

1987 常滑市、吉川正道氏(陶芸家)に師事

2000 英国、Frink School of Figurative Sculpture、彫刻を勉強

  solo exhibitions 

2010 `Innermost Visions` Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2012 `Essence` Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2012  `HAT` Art Space HAT (Osaka, Japan)

2014 `BEAT` Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2015 `DEMONS` Gallery Shimada deux (Kobe, Japan)

2015 `STREET` STREET GALLERY (Kobe, Japan)

2016 `something happens` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

2017  `Kanoko` Gallery Ami-Kanoko (Osaka, Japan)

2017  `jazz` Gallery Haku (Osaka, Japan)

2018  `pink` Gallery Shimada deux (Kobe, Japan)

2018  `torso` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

2018 `pink street` STREET GALLERY (Kobe, Japan)

2019 `Ami` Gallery Ami-Kanoko (Osaka, Japan)

2020 `PORTRAITS` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

2021 `ANGELS` Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2021 `stance` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

2022 `TRIANGLES` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

2022 `cobalt` Gallery Shimada deux (Kobe, Japan)

2023 `garan` Garan (Osaka, Japan)

2023 `disco` Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2024 `PURPLIN` LADS GALLERY (Osaka, Japan)

group exhibitions

 1996, '97, '98   Koraibashi Culture Centre (Osaka, Japan)

2001  The Orangery, Holland Park (London, U.K.)

2005  Frink School of Figurative Sculpture (Stoke-on-Trent, U.K.)

2009  SoHo Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2009, '13, '16  Kaede Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2011  Osaka Contemporary Art Centre (Osaka, Japan)

2011, '12, '13  The Toyonaka Art Exhibition, Rose Hall (Osaka, Japan)

2013 `GALLERISM`  Keihan City Mall (Osaka, Japan)

2015, '16, '17, '18, '19, '21, '22, '23   Gallery Shimada (Kobe, Japan)

2015, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21  Gallery TAA (Osaka, Japan)

2016, '18   Art Symposium in Nakake House and Isshinji Temple (Osaka, Japan)

2017, '21 Gallery wks. (Osaka, Japan)

2018  The Great Osaka Art Theater (Osaka, Japan)

2019 Gallery Hinoki (Tokyo, Japan)

2020 LADS Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2021 Gallery Kitanozaka (Kobe, Japan)

2021 Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art (Kobe, Japan)